20 October 2017

On Friday evening we held our second annual Fall Harvest Fest and Silent Auction from 7 – 9PM.  It was great fun
and we are so thankful for those who attended and those who  generously donated the (nearly 40) gift
baskets that filled the room.  The auction was held to benefit the blessing that is our Christian School.   
30 August 2017
First day of Martin Luther Christian School 2017-2018 School Year.   God bless our School Board,

faculty, staff, students and their families. AMEN


27 August 2017

In preparation for the imminent beginning of our school year Pastor blessed the children, their families, their teachers and their school backpacks in a special prayer before the congregation.  Thank you to all who attended!

26 August 2017

Our Rummage Sale was a great success.  Thank you for all the great people who came to our Rummage Sale
AND thank you to all the saints of Martin Luther Chapel who worked so hard to prepare and conduct this fund raiser for the Doughty family.
 Our Martin Luther Christian School Fund Raiser was also wonderfully supported.  We met and enjoyed all who came out to support our efforts to give our students a better quality education.

13 August 2017

We had the joy of two baptisms at the beginning of the Divine Service:
Brianna Paige and Kolby Denise.  God be praised!

13 August 2017

We had the joy of confirming two adults, bringing them into membership, and receiving the Lord’s Supper: 
Dwayne and Lauren.

12 August 2017

The Martin Luther Christian School playground was the focus of effort.  Thanks to all the saints who supported this good work to keep our facilities in wonderful condition and appearance.

12 August 2017                                          read by Fred Schuck

                                                                                                                                                                          Feb. 8, 2010
      Can be read at my funeral service.
     To all assembled here today:
     Thank you so much for taking time out from your busy schedules to honor me with your presence here today.
     I thank our God for all the marvelous years He gave to me on this earth and for the many lovely people who were in it including you.
     I was truly blessed with two Christian parents and a brother plus a most wonderful husband of 61 years who shared with me
     two fine sons -William Mitchell and Frederick James and a beautiful, sweet daughter Bonnie Sue.  They all made us so very proud
     of their accomplishments by serving our Lord, their country, their government and raising their own families.  Thank you three for
     adding Alicia, Terri and David to our family.  Also for grandchildren William Mitchell Jr., wife Heather and great grandchildren little Will,
     Jack and Katie.  Also granddaughter Cristina and husband Benjamin.  Next grandchildren Larissa, Cassandra and Martin.  Also
     grandchildren Daniel, Connor and Carrie.  I pray for many more additions in time to come.  All have been jewels in my crown.
     Lastly, thanks to God for giving me so many other fine family members who have brought more joy and love to me and mine.
     Also so many dear friends from childhood on and for over sixty years of fellowship with my church family at Martin Luther Chapel.
     I look forward to seeing all of you again some day when we meet again. Until then go forth in faith and love as you continue to serve
     the Lord with gladness.
     In his name,
     Frieda Emilie Schuck