10am every Sunday
       Sermons based on the Gospel of
        St. Luke
Join us after the service for fellowship over coffee, tea, juice, water and cookies.  
Season of Epiphany.  For the next 9 weeks we will be celebrating Jesus’ manifestation as both true God and true Man. 
     The color for this season is white, signifying divinity, purity and joy.
     The season begins with the visit of the Magi to the new born son of Mary (Matthew 2: 1 – 12) on 6 January.
     The season concludes with the Transfiguration of our Lord (Luke 6: 28 – 36) on 3 March.
          Bible Study Times
                                                    8:45am class
                                                    Sunday’s Readings
                                                           Noon class
                                                               11am class
                                                      Gospel of St Luke